Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are so Close...

Worked on the house all weekend and for a few hours yesterday after work. I've been feeling very frustrated and getting a bit snippy with Scott for no good reason. All I've done on the house is paint, paint walls, paint trim, paint cabinets...and I'm sick of it! I've been frustrated with him because he doesn't want to paint and I understand that, I hate it too. But since I'm the only one willing to paint the tasks go on and on especially because the white paint needs two coats and you have to wait 4 hours for drying in between coats which makes the process even longer.

But yesterday before I left the house and after Scott had left to go back to our apartment I walked room by room. I went in each room turned on every light switch, opened up closet doors, looked inside cabinets, ran my fingers along the new faucets, new mirrors, new drawer and cabinet liners and finally felt a sigh of relief. Not because we're done because we still have a list of things to accomplish before moving day but because we have come so far. Not a single corner has gone untouched in our new home. When we move in I won't be able lay my eyes on any area that we have not improved in some way. It has been so much more work than we anticipated but the reward is greater than I could have imagined. Although our bank account and our free time has suffered there is a finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

I remember when we met the inspector at the house before closing and as he was going through quite a list of things wrong with the house I was sitting on the couch just looking around at everything that needed to be done. When we left I felt like I was drowning. I almost asked Scott if we should just back out. I thought that there was too much work to be done, we didn't have any of the skills to make these repairs much less the money either. But as usual my amazing husband came to the rescue. He has such a positive outlook on everything that comes across his plate and I've tried very hard to get some of that positivity to rub off on me. He told me that he could do almost all of the electrical work, some of the plumbing, and almost any other thing that we needed. He was also willing to put in all the time and effort that we needed without even batting an eye or thinking of complaining. We are such opposite ends of the spectrum in this way. When I get frustrated or get into negative thinking mode he is there to balance me out and calmly talk me off the ledge without getting angry at me when I am snippy with him for no good reason. Maybe whoever said patience was a virtue had a wonderful spouse because patience is one thing that easily slips through my fingers.

Just for giggles here is the what is remaining on our to do list before move in day:

Finish sanding and painting master bathroom cabinets
Replace knobs and hinges in both bathrooms
Replace roman tub faucet and shower hardware in master
Prime and paint new mantel (thanks dad!)
Replace two more light fixtures
Hold back vommit while cleaning out bathroom cabinets and putting in drawer liners (seriously I will take a picture to show you the funk this lady lived with)
Spray for bugs inside and out
Fertilize, water and mow yard
Run dishwasher magic and bolt in dishwasher before it falls on the puppy
Hang up new towel, hand towel, and toilet paper holders in both bathrooms
Install new outlet and switches in spare bedrooms after they are painted
Measure recessed lighting in bathrooms and order new covers
Staple gun up cords from lights we hung under kitchen cabinets
Clean, clean, clean
Pack omg I've barely started

There now I've said it out loud, sort of, so now it has to get done! I can't wait to share our after pictures with you...

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