Monday, July 8, 2013

Bathroom is Done!

Aside from some small tweaks but you know how that is. A person who is obsessed with interiors is never truly "done"

We started this demo in January of 2012. You read that right. There were hurdles, money, demanding schedules, lack of motivation, pole dancing to be done. But it is finished!

This is a bad before picture but this was it when we bought the place. 

We removed the wallpaper, repainted everything and lived with it like this for a few years.

Our master bath was in bad shape so we focused on that first.

But now...

I still want to add some open shelves with baskets and pretty towels above the toilet but everything else is done-zo! Fur-downs gone, pony wall gone, new tile and paint, new lighting.

Bone inlay mirror is from Wisteria, no longer available :(

New cultured marble countertops, under mount sink (these are the only way to go, in my humble opinion)

my painting moved in here

Vintage glass towel bar, hung some art, with one lonesome decor piece on the counter :)

Vintage persian purchased on craigslist. Marble tile in herringbone pattern.

Subway tile with dark grout. My mom and I sewed the curtains. It's an ivory linen with tassel trim. The fur-downs extended over the shower and that is now gone as well. The whole room just feels bigger without those silly and completely unnecessary things. I don't understand why they were ever popular!

In other news, scott surprised me with this table from Target last week! Have you seen their new Threshold line? Of course you have, don't be silly. You know how I love rocks and agates. This was only $60!

All styled up!

Have a great week!



Kristen said...

So much better! It came together great. That table from Target is ridiculous! How have I not seen this?!

Shavonda said...

As with everything you do, I LOVE it Brandi. The mirror is perfection in the space. Great Job