Monday, August 6, 2012

Brass Sculpture DIY

I'm sure many of us have admired this brass sculpture many a time...

But even the smallest one is $1600! Woah nelly!

I really NEEDED one though...

In comes the DIY. This is going to be another tale of DIY gone wrong at the beginning.

I used small wood sticks and cut them in half using clippers. You can opt not to cut yours if you want a bigger sculpture.

Buy a small GREEN floral foam ball.

This is very important. I first tried with a larger ball which, duh, looked stupid. Then I tried with a small white ball which was way too hard to stick the sticks into.

The I got the small green ones and cut them in half.

Spray paint then start at the top sticking the sticks in like so.

You don't really need to get too hung up on spacing them out perfectly, which my OCD side was totally wanting to do.

After you stick them all in take it outside for a few coats of gold spray paint.

And voila! Nice little sculpture. I would love to make some more for a nice little wall arrangement.

Overall it's a pretty easy DIY. Have you done any lately?



Kaye said...

Like the new look!!!

Things To Do said...

Ok, when I first read this at first I thought you were talking about the eiffel tower. Haha! This is seriously so cool and I love how if you can't buy what you want, you create your own. :)

Jessica {The Aestate} said...

love it! I've been meaning to diy myself one of these forever...

Sarah Greenman said...

Great DIY sculpture! And I love love love the new look of your site. It's so reflective of you and your impeccable taste! XO

Bromeliad said...

I like ball. So simple.

I did one using playdough.

Stuff and Nonsense said...

saw your lovely home
featured on houzz
and had to come take a peek
at your blog

adore this simple sculpture project

thanks for sharing
and nice to 'meet' you!


Nancy said...

Hi Brandi! Found you from your Houzz article! I love your home and your bold rugs. So nice to find you!