Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quick Change: Chair Makeover

I finally got my hands on the fabric I've been coveting for our new breakfast nook chairs.

If you may recall they look like this...

And I got all 4 for only $40.

I know I still can't get over it either.

And now...

So pretty!

It's a velvety fabric, super luxe, methinks.

I like the darker fabric with the teak wood and white table.

I got all the fabric for about $60. All in all that makes this $25 per chair for the initial cost plus fabric.

Not bad!

And it looks fabulous with our vintage rug.

A bonus little bottle collection shot for you. Trying to get a few more areas of or house styled out before a dinner party saturday night!

Happy Tuesday Lovers!


1 comment:

Hannah said...

So fabulous! Pleeeeeease post more! I love everything you do.

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