Thursday, December 8, 2011

House Tour: Two Artist's Holiday Horseplay

I saw this house tour in this month's issue of D Home and I had to share with you all! It's such a cute place with so much color and personality. I'm happy the magazine broke out of their usual comfort zone of expensive chic and stuffy Highland Park homes, not that I don't enjoy them. It's just nice to see some colorful people around conservative Dallas!

The couple bought the home in Vickery Park earlier this year.

Alicia and Adam Rico both have backgrounds in art and now run the amazing floral and event design company Bows and Arrows.

The map above the hearth is an homage to where they met in Brooklyn, NY. 

I really love the built-ins and the fabric on the chair on the left.

In love with this tree!

They handpainted a tree trunk to act as a side table.

A perfect holiday table, and so easy to replicate! I love attainable design.

The walls are a hand painted mural done by Adam.

They added the bathroom, doesn't it look like it always belonged in this house? Perfection.

One of the cutest child's rooms I've seen in a while. The prize ribbons and yarn mobile are such an unusual touch.

Another mural painted by Adam. The Ricos balk at the typical term "eclectic" to describe their style. They prefer the term "horseplay". Suits this to a T right?

Read more about them and their house here.

All images courtesy of D Home.

I hope you enjoyed this tour as much as I did. I literally squealed when I first saw it. So cute!



Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Wow very bold and happy! That bedroom wall is bananas.

I don't really like the word eclectic either because it conjures up "weird" for me. Not sure if "horseplay" does it for me either though...

Kaye said...

That house just screams HAPPY!!!

annie campos said...

i want everything inside that house! so damn adorable!!!

Mrs. Limestone said...

I absolutely love their house. I would never think of adding so much pink but it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing it.

Things To Do said...

I love this home. And can I saw that I have already placed the 'Jolly Good' gift tag idea in my head to copy for later! Great share!