Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Canisters

I've been wanting to pretty up my bathroom counters lately and I think a nice collection of vintage jars and canisters fit the bill perfectly. Mind you, I've barely made any progress on my bathroom renovation but I have to look forward to the good stuff. This will help keep my mind off the piles of rubble and exposed plumbing otherwise known as my master bath. Luckily, my dad is coming this weekend to help me tear out a wall and the fur-down over the sinks. I've also sourced and priced all necessary materials, holla for progress, slow...sweet...progress.

I will definitely need a jar for bath salts next to my new JETTED tub (!)

Raise your hand if you love this!

A tray always makes me feel organized

Chocolate, perfume, is there really a difference? All I know is, I'm addicted.

A quick search on etsy revealed some great options

From JMG9009

Not vintage but good if you are organizationally challenged

I think will hold out and search for my own though. I love a good vintage hunting trip!


Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

I'm so with you, B, I adore vintage glass bottles and jars!

supermandy said...

If your search for bright blue dining room glass hits a stand still, Hobby Lobby has a few ADORABLE little bud vases right now. I've taken to bringing in some of the roses from my front yard...
Where can I antique-treasure hunt down here? I only know of one place, and you have a knack for knowing just where to go.

The Zhush said...

I too love trays and glass jars so much!!!

Persis Shah said...

ohhhh these are all so gorgeous! im in love...although i have nothing to keep in any of these cotainers, i'd be happy to keep them empty just so i could admire them =)


court. said...

i like when people put laundry stuff in mason jars per above.

ps thanks for stopping by, glad you liked the project. I am SO psyched it came out ok!

Leah said...

I love the glamorous ones! What a great post!


Marcus Design said...

LOVE the idea of vintage jars in the bathroom. I hope you come across some amazing finds. The photos you found are such gorgeous examples!!