Monday, August 23, 2010

This is It!

This is my sofa! Finally I found "the one" it was love at first site!

It's the Lounge 93" sofa from Crate and Barrel. Doesn't it look like you could just sink into it? It's the perfect dark blue color. The frame is made of sustainable wood and the fabric is a microfiber velvet. I didn't even know they made that! That means it will clean up easy and I'll still get the velvet look that I wanted. Now if only it were cheaper...They do have a 6 month no interest plan on their credit card, that sounds like trouble! So do you like? Have you seen anything like this for cheaper? Don't let me make a mistake!


Leah said...

This looks so cozy and what a gorgeous color! Love it doll!


Anonymous said...

Looks very nice and I love the navy blue color! Wait for a sale or try to see if they have a coupon code for their store... and please don't get their credit card.There are some great furniture manufacturers in North Carolina.. There was one , I can't recall the name but they had great sofas for a fraction of these prices. If I remember the name I'll email you.


Anonymous said...

It is awesome. Congratulations!