Monday, October 12, 2009

Library Ladder

My last post inspired me to do some image hunting for library ladders, which then caused me to come across some home library images and you can imagine all the decor porn that brought me across. Anyhoo, here's a collection of things that caught my eye.
Image from Here
This library is a very interesting use of space. The ladder actually IS the library, or the ladder is a staircase rather. Very innovative though I feel like I might get disoriented walking up these stairs.

Image from Here
Another ladder in another lovely kitchen. I just love these oversize islands and those windows, oh the windows!

Image from Here

You can see the library ladder in the background here with a comfy couch and lots of pillows for reading. These yellow painted doors are wonderful!

Image from Here

This library was built in a living room in Paris with extremely high cielings. Oh how lucky these people are to have such wonderful architecture in an apartment!

This one doesn't have a ladder but I just loved everything about this room. The chandelier, the colors, the chairs, everything! There's a little library tucked away in the back as well.

Another library with a ladder in a magnificent room!

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Oh to have high cielings like these!

See the rest of this house here

I loved everything about this house when it was featured on design sponge. The color schemes and detailing are wonderful. This bathroom is nothing short of those things as well. I dream of all those little cubbies to keep my things in. I keep looking for areas in my house to have built in shevling. Hopefully a space will become obvious soon.

Image from Here

I'm not crazy about the decor in this room but that ladder leading up to the loft...I'd just die! You can even see a little sky light peeking out up there. Someday I hope to have a house with all kinds of nooks and crannies that you can hide away in.


Beach Vintage said...

Yes it would be nice. I love to hide away when I can.

the paris apartment said...

What a great post! My parents have a ladder in their library. They have shelves from the floor to ceiling on one wall. As a kid I used to love to climb to see what books were closest to the ceiling, they seemed to be the most interesting :)