Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Once Upon a Time in Decor Land...

A couple of elves (my parents) graciously house sat for us last week and watched our dogs while we were on vacation.

But they didn't just do that, no no.

Things were sewed, weeds were pulled, stuff was vacuumed. It was incredible to come home to what felt like magical little elves who had done all the things I had been dreading for me.

My mom sewed the trim on the new white curtains I had mentioned in my last post.

They are perfect! Just as I had pictured and I can't believe how cheaply I was able to do them. In case you don't remember I paid $45 for each curtain (they're 102" long!), plus bought about 17 yards of trim for only $2.50 a yard. That makes the grand total about $140 for both. 

Hard work and a little elbow grease pays of people. Although my mom did some of the hard work (thanks mom!).

I also finally got some glass and backing for a super cheap and awesome frame I got from the antique store a few months ago.

Mad savings here too people!

Frame: $1

Clear plexi and backing, cut to size by my wonderful husband: $6

Matting: The matting is actually a watercolor board I cut a square out of, $4

Art: A vintage print I've had for almost 3 years sitting in a drawer! I think it was like $15.

Grand Total: $26!


I've wrapped up a few more projects as well so stay tuned this week for those!

Happy Wednesday Lovers!


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Hannah said...

Amazing! The curtains are perfect and I really need to go vintage shopping for some art prints!