Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Abandoned Castle in Spain

While browsing one of my favorite websites for time-wasting, Mental Floss, I came across this post about an abandoned castle discovered in Spain.

I'm quite intrigued by it and thought you would be too. I wish someone knew the story behind the castle and it's inhabitants but that story and the location of this place even, seems to be a mystery.

Just look at the beautiful canopy and detailed carpets in the master bedroom. The owners clearly left in somewhat of a hurry. Their stockings are still lying out on the bed...

The kids room is creepville! It's very surprising this place hasn't been looted.
I find these "time capsules" incredibly interesting. There are a few more pictures of the castle available here on the photographer's Flikr. There's what I think is a Parlour room that I find so beautiful as well with a huge carved mirror and unique lighting to boot. How awesome would it be to be this photographer? Going around taking beautiful photos of incredible things such as this?

Speculation in the comments suggest a few things as to what happened to the family who lived here;

"As far as why the castle was abandoned, I would guess that is has something to do with the revolution in Spain and Franco’s coming to power in the 1930s. A lot of people who were against his dictatorship were forced to flee the country when he came to power to avoid retaliation. People literally ran from their homes once the news came, hence the castle being left in that condition. Unfortunately, a lot of people were captured and executed. Of course, I guess we can’t be sure, but that could aid some research. Spain’s early 20th century history is really fascinating!"-Julia

I am such a history nerd and how awesome that my love of history and design can become one!


The Zhush said...

I love that you are combining two of your passions here..gorgeous!

christine {bijouandboheme} said...

Stunning pictures- a little creepy but so romantic at the same time.

Kaye said...

Speaking of time capsules....when do you open your Rehearsal Dinner time capsule? Is it at 5'd think I'd remember since I made it...duh!

supermandy said...

Dear rich movie producers and/or writers, please research this castle and make a film/book. No big Hollywood-types please. Prefer independent Spanish historian types. It would be best to start with the present day castle being haunted and mysterious, and include flash backs to the majestic and romantic glory-days to carry the story along. Thank you.